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Cherry Print Dog Collars With Lavender

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These cherry print dog collars come in four sizes and are adjustable. They are filled with lavender, which not only smells good but can help your furry friend in times of stress or anxiety, like thunderstorms, vet visits, car rides, and visitors to the house. The calming properties are most effective if the collar is used during those stressful times, rather than all the time. However, if you just want your dog to smell better, it will not hurt to have it on more often! Also, these are not intended for restraint or to attach a leash. Please indicate size when you order. 

Small, 16"-19"
Medium, 18"-23"
Large, 20"-26" 
XL , 24"-28"
**We have a 85 pound lab - I can get a medium on her, but large is definitely better for her.